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colour vinyl double LP
Astralasia - a different kettle of fish Astralasia - a different different kettle of fish Astralasia - a different kettle of fish rubiks cube

A Different Kettle Of Fish
colour vinyl double LP + bonus LP
strange fish fifteen special edition

on sale at the 17th Dream festival

Marc Swordfish has delivered two great double albums for FdM in 'Oceania' and 'Wind On Water', but he's also provided many remixes and re-imaginings of other bands' tracks over the year - usually on bonus CDs or limited-run special editions releases

Marc and I decided to revisit all those tracks and we've come up with a double LP that brings together some of our favourites, including remixes of tracks recorded by The Chemistry Set, Superfjord and Sendelica, and one or two things re-worked specially for this release.

It's mainly instrumental, it ranges from Eastern-tinged throbbing rock to swirling soundscapes and sounds SO GOOD on vinyl!

...and then there's the SPECIAL EDITION!
Limited to 100 copies, we'll have them on sale at the 17th Dream festival.

What do you get?
- the 'Kettle' double LP, but on black vinyl
- a bonus LP, with one side given over to a much-extended version od 'Brainticket', which first appeared on out 'Postcards From The Deep' box-set a few years ago (this new mix includes a live recording from Kozfest 2016) and the other to'deep ocean drift' by The Mushroom Project
- PLUS a very silly and hard-to-post bonus item - a Rubik's cube based on the sleeve design (the good thing being there's no right answer to it - so just spin it round a few times and...job done)

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