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turquoise vinyl LP
The Last Wave The Last Wave vinyl

Schizo Fun Addict
The Last Wave

clear/turquoise vinyl LP
Friends of the Fish 40/Flicknife Records

on sale August 8th

Schizo Fun Addict were formed in Manchester by Jet Winter and Jayne Gabriel on January 1st, 2000.
Two months later, their 'lo-fi Mary Chain meets Pet Sounds' sound got the band a great review in UNCUT and feature in MOJO.

In 2008, they became the first band to appear on the Fruits de Mer label - in fact, FdM would never have happened without them - and in 2018 they gave a lucky bunch of FdM club members and festival goers exclusive (AND FREE!) copies of 'The Sun Yard' on vinyl; the relationship continues on this release which joins Fruits de Mer with the rather more legendary Flicknife Records.

In 2018, indie legend Rex John Shelverton (Tamaryn/VUE) joined on guitar and production for their album 'El Shoegaze Bossa Nova' (released on Sugarbush Records) that got a 5/5 review in Shindig and was chosen by Goldmine’s Dave Thompson as one of his top 10 new music releases of 2018; Dave recently called the band, "the greatest musical secret of the 21st century"!
Now, their new album (also produced by Shelverton), ‘The Final Wave’ is released in a very limited edition clear/turquoise vinyl LP including various goodies, available in very limited numbers to FdM club members (Flicknife have produced the CD version, which sold out rather quickly).

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