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lathe-cut releases

introducing a series of limited-edition releases, in conjunction with


Individually lathe-cut by Phil Macy of, these are incredibly-limited pressings (never more than 50 of any release for sale) that I will occasionally produce for special events
- such as our summer festivals and Half Moon gigs

strange fish six bonus LP - Craig Padilla - for sale at the '13th Dream'

a special edition of Craig's 'Sonar' double LP, including a clear vinyl lathe-cut third album, 'Short Circuits'

Friends of the Fish 4 - Me And My Kites/Soft Hearted Scientists - for sale at the '13th Dream'

a track from Me and My Kites' new album + a demo from 2007, unearthed from the SHS archives

Friends of the Fish 3 - The Cats Never Sleep/InsektLife Cycle - for sale at the '13th Dream'

chilled, summer instrumental rock from the Cats (Switzerland) and The Insekts (the Phillipines)

Friends of the Fish 2 - Tir na nOg - 'Sympathetic Love'/'Mariner Blues' (live) - sold out at Games For May

a track from the boys' new album, 'The Dark Dance' plus a live recording of one of their classic songs

Crustacean 58 'the final edition' - Postcards From The Deep - for sale at the '13th Dream'

Five lathe-cut 7"s featuring the 10 tracks from the flexidiscs PLUS a fishy USB stick containing the CD versions of the tracks...ridiculous. These take a long time to produce and I'll only have a few copies at the festival - the bands' copies have to take priority.

Crustacean 58 'signed set' - Postcards From The Deep - sold out

no lathe-cut singles in this set, so what's it doing here? No idea - except it seemed a neat image alongside the other special edition. Only 30 sets produced - with the postcards signed by the relevant artists, the poster signed by designer Mick Dillingham and a second poster included showing images that didn't make the final cut

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