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Crystal Jacqueline and The Honey Pot
We Fill In Forms And Mow The Lawns
colour vinyl LP
Friends of the Fish 25

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'We Mow The Lawns And Fill In Forms' is a Friends of the Fish release, which means the band are doing all the hard work! It's a collection of old, difficult to find, and previously-unreleased Fruits de Mer material from both The Honey Pot and Crystal Jacqueline, with lots of reworking/remixing going on within the more familiar tracks to keep them full of surprises.
In our 10th year I think it's really nice to have a compilation of tracks by Jacqui, Icarus and co (who have become the closest thing to FdM's house band) in one place - I think you'll like it alot

Here's the track-by-track rundown, by Icarus...

Side 1

1 I Just Gotta Know My Mind (Dana Gillespie, Donovan) 2.44 - Crystal Jacqueline
(Appeared on the Postcards From The Deep flexidisc set. Re-mixed and re-mastered. We first heard this on Brian Mathews' “Sounds Of The 60's” show and immediately decided it was a great tune for us)

2 Remember A Day (Wright) 5.04 - Crystal Jacqueline
(Appeared on Crystal Jacqueline and The Honey Pot double EP. Re-mixed and re-mastered. Icarus' favourite Floyd tune and what we consider one of our all time best recordings)

3 The Avengers Theme (Laurie Johnson) 3.49 - Icarus Peel
(Appeared on Postcards From The Deep but in a shortened version. Re-mastered. Everybody's favourite TV programme, the theme is a masterpiece and was ripe for re-visualising with Wayne's freak-beat)

4 Step Inside (Clarke,Hicks,Nash) 4.00 - The Honey Pot
(Did not appear as it was rejected for the FdM Hollies special. Re-mastered. Our first contact with Fruits de Mer was when we submitted this for the Hollies tribute album. Despite several adjustments it was politely declined by the company, but we always liked it)

5 The Drugs Don't Work (Ashcroft) 4.59 - Crystal Jacqueline
(First ever release, an 'Ascending Scales' out-take. Iain and Crystal would often sing this at special evenings when the hour was late and the craic was good, accompanied by Icarus on acoustic and whoever else may be there)

Side 2

1 Games For May (Peel) 4.54 - The Honey Pot
(Appeared on the 2016 Games For May concert give-away CD. Re-mixed and re-mastered. Always a great favourite of the band, it was recorded with everyone reading the strange chord sequence from their own little piece of paper. The opening guitar salvo is Icarus saying “I've just bought a new Stratocaster and I love it!”)

2 A Fairy Tale (Elliott) 4.36 - Crystal Jacqueline
(Appeared on A Fairy Tale EP, but in a shortened version. Re-mastered. Keith at FdM requested we did this track which we had never heard of. Due to time limitations on a vinyl ep, it had to be edited. Whenever we hear the vinyl we think it is like hearing the shortened “Won't Get Fooled Again” on the radio. This is Brian's favourite recording of ours)

3 Moonsong:Pelog (Byrd) 4.10 - Crystal Jacqueline (Appeared on the Morning Dew EP. Re-mastered. Another song that Keith requested and one of the most challenging to achieve. We include it here purely because it is one that we particularly like)

4 Egyptian Tomb (King) 7.34 - The Honey Pot
(Appeared on Crystal jacqueline and the Honey Pot EP in a shortened version. Re-mixed and re-mastered. Yet another Keith suggestion, this track was originally much longer than the released version. Unfortunately the original jam was lost so The Honey Pot have added a little extra marmalade to give a flavour of how the song originally played out. The wah-wah at the beginning of the end is the only surviving piece of the original wig-out left)

NB There was also a 50-copy special edition - produced specially for the 16th Dream festival - that included a bonus 5-track CD - sold out, sorry

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