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Lemon Clocks Open Minds CD

The Lemon Clocks - Open Minds
CD - Promo 22

Release Date: end-July
free to club members who buy all our July 2019 vinyl releases

Jeremy Morris and The Lemon Clocks

If I told you how many albums Jeremy Morris has released, under a whole bunch of pseudonyms and band names...well, you wouldn't believe me.
From prog epics to pop-psych, he has a way with a melody and an innocent 60s charm to his delivery that warm the cockles of your heart, along with other crustacean in the case of Fruits de Mer.

By way of an introduction, we've got together to compile an exclusive CD for FdM's club members that touches on just a few of the bases Jeremy and co have covered over the years - try listening to it without breaking into a silly smile...and if you managed to get a copy of the Lemon Clocks pic disc earlier this year, you only got a taster of what the man is capable of.

We've crammed onto it 15 tracks from about seven different albums, including three from his next one:

1. The Beginning Of The End (3:17) from The Lemon Clocks ‘Time To Fly’
2. The Open Mind (5:20) from The Lemon Clocks next album
3. What Planet? (3:33) from The Lemon Clocks ’Songs From Another Time’
4. Lemon Clock Land (2:57) from The Lemon Clocks ‘Now Is The Time’
5. White Horse (3:57) from The Lemon Clocks new album
6. Something About You (3:12)  from The Jeremy Band ‘Joy Comes In The Morning’
7. Spektograph (4:00) from The Lemon Clocks ‘Songs From Another Time’
8. Not Of This World (8.47) from Jeremy ‘Not Of This World’
9. Sky Song (7:47)) from Jeremy ‘Mystery & Illusion’
10. Time Tunnel (3:17) from Jeremy ‘Glow In The Dark’
11. Moon Turning Red (4:00) from Jeremy ‘Mystery & Illusion’
12. On A Cherub (5:23) from Jeremy & Progressor 
13. Closer To You (3:18) from The Jeremy Band ‘Joy Comes In The Morning’
14. The End Of The Beginning (15:07) from The Lemon Clocks ‘Time To Fly’
15. The Dream Is Coming True (3:05) from The Lemon Clocks next album

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