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7" - colour vinyl - winkle 20

Magic Bus

'Seven Wonders'
(from their current album, 'Transmission From Sogmore's Garden')
'Eight Miles High' (exclusive new version of The Byrds' classic song)

Magic Bus are new to Fruits de Mer - but they are a perfect fit - they pick up where Caravan (one of my alltime favourite 70s bands) left off in 1975 and then put their own spin on the classic Canterbury sound. They have released two albums - both of which deserve to be released on vinyl (but i know my place) - and a single on Static Caravan. Now they show they really haven't learned very much by choosing Fruits de Mer for their new single, combining 'Seven Wonders' from the latest album, 'Transmission From Sogmore's Garden' with a new and totally unexpected version of the Clark/McGuinn/Crosby song

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