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Cranium Pie
Mechanisms Part Two

double LP - colour vinyl - Winkle 19


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Cranium Pie return...
...with a double LP of classic UK progressive rock....
...but from a parallel dimension

It's been three years in the making, but something has finally escaped the bunker the guys have been hiding in for all this time. It's reminiscent of late 60s/early 70s, keyboard-driven progressive rock, except it isn't quite. It involves crayfish, naturally, and I asked Rob Appleton from the band to explain more...

“Bravely the last band on Earth clung to survival, transmitting their messages of hope over the short waves to any unlikely listener that might still be alive. Entombed in their subterranean domain, they made recordings using broken equipment salvaged from the museum of hospital radio, during a time when it was still just possible to find an unvitalised circuit.
As time passed by, so the musicians fell helplessly into the clutches of the mechanisms - there was no escape - Mother Shipton's warnings were true, and one by one, they were taken.
For nine hundred and eight years the tapes lay hidden in the sealed bunker, until they were eventually discovered by the crustacean resistance. In the hope of understanding how 'it all happened', they spliced the tapes together and were forced to break their highest sacred rule by constructing a rudimentary 'machine', in order to decipher the magnetic signals. They understood, and in a selfless act of potential genocide through instigation of a temporal paradox, they transmitted the tapes as a warning, back in time to the early 21st century, to a time...just before...” that's all clear, then?

"a roiling soundwave that conjoins Caravan/Egg organ textures with cabalistic, linear grooves straight from the Neu! road map. Cranium Pie exist in the magical interstice between psych and prog, so you’ll search in vain for the intemperate showing-off of the latter while basking in the polychromatic flashes of the former" Oregano Rathbone, Record Collector

"like a tour de force of Prog-Psych-Kosmiche Rock circa 1969-73"
Jerry Kranitz, aural innovations

"I think I'm losing my mind... for this insane sci-fi crab opera Get this superb album and be amazed!"
DJ Astro, Psychotropic Zone

"I can't think of anyone who'd make an album like this now. Maybe 'Mechanisms 2' exists in a parallel world where this is where prog was meant to go?
Nick Leese, Heyday

"sit back and for the next 70-plus minutes, Cranium Pie will take you on a magical head trip soundtracked by elegaic segments of kosmische musik, symphonic prog, Floydian psych, Residents-ial pop and Zappaesque musique concrete....this elaborately constructed mindfuck will please fans of everyone from Caravan and Soft Machine to Yes, Gong and Henry Cow"
Jeff Penczak, Shindig!

"The Pie’s the limit on these bonkers proggers’ latest epic"
Kris Needs, PROG magazine

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...hear the tracks.. the vinyl.. ..smell the fish...