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headcleaner 1 and headcleaner 1QD

Cranium Pie
The Mechanisms Tapes

"3 hours of improvisation, out-takes, intakes and late-night shed jams from Cranium Pie's secret baking research station"
...that's how Cranium Pie's Rob Appleton has described an almost-totally unexpected new release from the band. It spans the period from the recording of 'Mech1' to 'Mech2' and takes the phrase "cut'n'paste" into new territory - leaping from extended pieces to 30 second excerpts, without ever pausing for breath.
It's a wild and crazy ride - racing from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again - every few minutes.
It was available at the 13th Dream Festival in two unFdM-like formats - a double cassette and a 4CD set - with the last few copies of each sold to club members soon afterwards.
Sorry - no vinyl for now - a four LP set would take a long, LONG time to produce and a lot of money to put together; Let's see what the reaction is to these short-run cassettes and CDs before we fill the furnace with more of those precious vinyl pellets ...BUT we WILL be coming up with a very, very limited special edition of the double cassettes - when we get round to it.

head cleaner 1 - a double cassette - 160 sets are being produced...30 for the band, 100 available for sale...and 30 more for a special (ie very silly) edition that will emerge sometime before the end of 2015
head cleaner 1QD - a 4 CD set - 150 sets produced...including 30 for the band

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