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2015 gigs exclusive
Tracks from

7" - four-track black vinyl
Limited to 300 copies
catalogue number Momentary Two

'Dark Globe' - Max Kinghorn-Mills
'She Took A Long Cold Look' - Claudio Cataldi
'See Emily Play' - The Chemistry Set
'The Gnome' - Todd Dillingham and Golly McCry

A number of people - club members and occasional buyers included - have asked whether i've got any plans to release 'A Momentary Lapse' on vinyl. The whole thing would cover seven sides of an LP format - and i've already got one overblown vinyl project planned for 2015, so instead...

...there will be a series of two, maybe three, singles with tracks from the CD set - very limited runs, with 175 copies available exclusively at the 'Games For May' and '13th Dream Of Dr Sardonicus' gigs, 100 going to the artists featured on each single and 25 going out as promos (any left after that will be offered to UK and international members)

'Momentary Two' features four covers - two from Syd Barrett's solo period and two that are from his Floyd days, but are as Syd as you can get

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