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Moon Goose - Source Code
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Moon Goose
Source Code
colour vinyl double LP + CD
vinyl - strange fish sixteen

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Moon Goose play driving, guitar-led instrumental rock - they first came to my, and possibly your, attention last year when I found them on facebook, liked what I heard and persuaded them to give me a track to include on a members club compilation CD.
Feedback was really good, not least from Heyday Mail Order's Nick Leese (whose taste in music is both discerning and impeccable!), and they kindly provided a free CD sampler to go in the 16th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus festival goodie-bag.

We carried on talking and now the band has chosen Fruits de Mer for their first album release - and it's a storming set. They might be new to vinyl, but they have a great judge of pace across a side of an LP, ringing the changes often enough never to lose your interest, building to a crescendo on side four that leaves you begging for more

How would you describe their music? I've asked the band and their answers are below - what I do know is that it's a very tasty debut and I'm really looking forward to seeing them on-stage at the 17th Dream festival.

(oh, We're even including a CD of the whole thing in with the double LP because we're overly generous)

So, if you're new to the band, here's some background on them, provided by the band themselves...

What are the origins of Moon Goose?
‘Moon Goose’ refers to the upper level of a hay barn in west Herefordshire which emits music across the old borderlands each week, usually on a Thursday evening.
Its origins can be found, using the correct equipment, from sources such as the Rapa Nui stone heads, and dragons. The music of Moon Goose was referred to by Stuart Maconie on BBC 6Music’s Freak Zone as ‘Cambrian psychedelia’, a reasonable description due to the happy combination of geology and consciousness. There is plenty of Devonian old red sandstone in the music. There is also, if you know where to find it, gneiss.
Well, the essence of these archaic sources is channelled - by the shiplike oaken timbers of the barn, and by the many hundreds of records that line its walls, and by the casual piles of vintage music technology that line the floor - through the bodies of the five human musical operators who represent Moon Goose in this dimension, and into strange sonic shapes.

What are your influences?
Musical influences include, for example, Tibetan chanting monks, Can, and Bronski Beat. Beyond that, it is fair to say that the entire universe influences Moon Goose in one way or another. And in a strange additional twist, Moon Goose is partly influenced by events that have not yet happened. It can thus be seen as music for the Ecozoic era.

What are the band's plans for 2019?
Most things happen without a huge amount of forward planning, when it comes to the Goose, so it’s hard to say what the year has in store. Some gigs are confirmed in a range of locations including Cardiff, a field somewhere in mid-Wales, and Cardigan. Other gigs are under discussion for Nottingham; Oxford; and New Radnor. Moon Goose has also started work on a second album, which ideally would be released before the first one, but that appears unlikely.

What can you tell us about 'Source Code'?
Although concept albums were declared extinct some time during 1977, the source code that gave the album its title literally floated across from the Great Pyramids of Giza one hot afternoon in late 2018. That Cairo day, 20% of the band was slumped, exhausted, in the garden of the Marriott Hotel that overlooks those fine alien structures. At some point during that jetlagged and disembodied afternoon, with the security situation looking tense, the four lines of source code found themselves being written down.
The source code has been translated into a representative sample of the world’s 7000 or so languages but Moon Goose very much welcomes further interpretations, preferably in the world’s most endangered tongues. Please send them by post, care of Keith at Fruits de Mer.
The source code can be used, among other things, as lyrics for the twelve instrumental tracks that populate the vinyl, one line of code per side of vinyl, just add your own melodies.
The source code also helped to uncover a poem by Charles Causley, called ‘I am the song’, in whose beauty and back-to-frontness the flapping spirit of the Goose can clearly be found.
Incidentally, although no birds were deliberately harmed during the making of Source Code, Moon Goose would like to extend its sorrowful respects to the mother goose who was fatally driven over by one of the guitar operators, shortly after the album was sent off for vinyl mastering. Don’t worry, mother, you did not die in vain!

Here's the track listing...

Side 1
Second life - 7:06
Knifeless skinning - 6:15
Le conte - 5:32

Side 2
The mysterious coffins of Arthur’s Seat - 6:36
Goldfish in a bag - 3:20
Trains - 8:42
Side 3

Joey gets a candle (Swayze meld) - 6:17
Carnage - 5:08
Dark shit - 6:28

Side 4
Garway witch trial - 7:23
Parameter 5 - 3:32
Fist fight at the bingo - 7:59

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