7" EP

Crystal Jacqueline 'Morning Dew'
colour vinyl/33rpm - winkle 24

Release Date: Out Now

A new four-tracker by the wonderful Crystal Jacqueline, ably assisted by Icarus Peel.

Together, they breathe new life into Tim Rose and Bonnie Dobson's iconic song (or was it really just Bonnie Dobson's?), they cover one of my all-time favourite US psych songs - originally recorded by Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies - then they dust-down a 1963 one-hit wonder by The Jaynetts and unveil a new song by Icarus.

It's all beautifully-sung and masterfully-produced; this is a quality EP from the duo - as we've all come to expect.

I've only recently discovered - showing my usual level of musical ignorance - that 'Sally Go Round The Roses' was covered by The Great Society and Question Mark and the Mysterians, as well as Pentangle; Buddy Miles and Billy Preston are rumoured to have played on the original recording, while Phil Spector also had a stake in the process.

  • 'Morning Dew' (Bonnie Dobson/Tim Rose)
  • 'Ivy' (Icarus Peel)
  • 'Moonsong:Pelog' (Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies)
  • 'Sally Go Round The Roses' (The Jaynetts)

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