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lathe-cut 7"

lathe-cut 7"
friends of the fish 20

Release Date: Dionysus : October 7th

a Dionysus festival special!

We'll have 50 copies of this lathe-cut for sale at the Dionysus festival in Derby in early October - a result of yet another of those FdM coincidences....

Andy Bracken bought me a copy of the 'Dust On The Nettles' box-set for Christmas, it included a track called 'Halfdan's Daughter', by Moths. Little did I know Moths had got together again after a 40 year gap and were lined up to play the Dionysus festival. A few emails and here's the result - a 7" that combines the 1970 song with a new recording by the band - fascinating stuff, I'm really looking forward to seeing their set in Derby.

A quick bit of bavkground....Halfdan's Daughter was one of the original tracks written by John Ellis on the Moth's album recorded in 1970 and pressed on vinyl by Deroy. Although the song is properly called Halfdan's Daughter, a CD version of the original album came out in 1995 using it as the title track, much to the surprise of the band - it has commonly been mistitled 'The Heron's Daughter' after its opening line "The Heron is flying, low on the bay"

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