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17th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus Festival live bonus album

'The Other Side' includes a live version of this song from Sarah Birch's album, 'The Ballad Of Peter And Jane'

The 17th Dream Of Dr. Sardonicus Festival - On The Other Side

vinyl LP
(mainly dark grey, some red and a few black)
winkle 41

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The 17th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus - our 2019 get-together of the friends and extended family of Fruits de Mer Records and Sendelica, held in the Cellar Bar in Cardigan.

We were incredibly lucky to get a combination of 'the legendary' - The Bevis Frond, Ken Pustelnik's Groundhogs, The Chemistry Set - together with Fruits de Mer festival favourites - Sendelica, Elfin Bow, Mark McDowell, Alain Pire - and new artists including Moon Goose, Sarah Birch and Three Dimensional Tanx.

We're releasing a double LP of tracks from the festival, it's called 'The 17th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus Live' (we were always strong on creative writing - you'll find details elsewhere on the FdM site) and we had planned to have this limited-run 'extra' LP, featuring more tracks and more artists, on sale at this year's festival (aka the 18th Dream). Unfortunately, the pandemic has put the mockers on that so instead this LP has been offered for sale by mail order to FdM club members first - once they've had their fill, we'll offer what we still have in-stock for sale to one and if you want to join the waiting list.

The tracks on '17th Dream - On The Other Side' are:

side one
Sarah Birch - Lay Me Down (Birch)
The Chemistry Set - The Open Window (Lake)
Mark McDowell and Friends - Forgiven (McDowell)
Alain Pire Experience - On The Other Side (Pire)

side two
Elfin Bow - Oh How The Strong Ones Fall (Elfin Bow)
Lost Tuesday Society - Gargoyles (Lost Tuesday Society)
Moon Goose - Goldfish In A Bag (Moon Goose)
The Bevis Frond - Lights Are Changing / In Another Year (Saloman)

exclusive recordings from a great three days of live music - put the album on your deck, open a bottle of Mantle best bitter and relive it (and if you weren't there, you can enjoy the music anyway)

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