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Lounge Bar Orchestra
Pilot Episodes
limited-run LP - Friends of the Fish 35

on sale now

“Ronnie Hazelhurst and Frank Zappa‘s love child...forgotten 70s theme tunes from imagined tv shows"

we released a very limited 8" lathe-cut by the orchestra for sale at our 2019 Thunderbolt gig, but that was just a taster for the LP...

Forget Watergate! Listen to Reg Omeroyd and his Lounge Bar Orchestra
In 1974, the year before his suspicious disappearance from a woodland carpark, Reg Omeroyd took Ousewater Television’s Lounge Bar Orchestra to the height of their powers. Working 18 hour days in the draughty former aircraft hanger that was their studio, this ramshackle bunch of journeymen musicians recorded a host of long forgotten favourites. Overcoming the mediocre abilities and recalcitrant attitude of his charges, Omeroyd was able to realise his sonic vision and distill the unique atmosphere of such tv shows as Inspector Yoohoo Calls, Operation 222 and Wake up to Craft.

With rumours swirling around him, Omeroyd, a consummate professional of the old school variety, put aside accusations that he was an East German spy to compose what he described as his “most forgettable collection of ordinary tunes.” As the world teetered on the brink, with war in Vietnam and Nixon disgraced, Omeroyd sprinkled his own brand of highly suspect magic across Ousewater Television’s shows and, in the process, created a pure form of dark escapism that seems wholly at odds with his alleged communist beliefs.

Now, available here for the first time in over forty years, 'Pilot Episodes' (Ousewater Television, season 1974 - 1975, theme/underscoring selection) comes to you in glorious coloured and traditional black vinyl, complete with the original sleeve notes.

The LP is being sold direct by The Lounge Bar Orchestra (aka Greg Healey) - NOT by Fruits de Mer - so to place your order via Greg's bandcamp site CLICK HERE

Here are a few early reviews from people who are a bit less biased than me....

“Music which sound-tracked a lot of people’s tender years, including mine. Anyone digging these kind of grooves would be well advised to cop a load of this pronto.” Ian Canty, Louder than War

“I could quite happily live inside this song.” Brian O’Shea, Monolith Cocktail

“A delight.” Thomas Patterson, Shindig! Magazine

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