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Jack Ellister
Roots Communion
vinyl LP - Friends of the Fish 15

Release Date: On Sale Jan/Feb 2017

Our first release of 2017 - on the Friends of the Fish sublabel - which means the artist does all the work!
Jack Ellister is pulling together an LP of some of his favourite covers from his time on Fruits de Mer, along with some newly-recorded ones, for a limited run of just 300 copies; it's not available from Fruits de Mer, but you can pre-order now direct from Jack here or email Jack (

track listing
side A:
Yellow Roads (Jackson C. Frank)
Dear Prudence (Beatles)
Citadel (Rolling Stones)
Matilda Mother (Pink Floyd)
Sisters (Steve Vai)
side B: Drive In Saturday (David Bowie)
Magic Potion (Open Mind)
Con Alma (Dizzy Gillespie)
Song For Wilde (MArk Fry)
Flying (The Fool)

(Dear Prudence and Matilda Mother were remixed for this record and only Jacks versions of Citadel, Song For Wilde and his first mix of Dear Prudence were previously available on vinyl; five of the album tracks are all new and previously unreleased)

here are a few excerpts to get you started...

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