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lathe-cut 7"
An Absolute Shower

various artists
An Absolute Shower
lathe-cut 7" (friends of the fish 34)

on sale just before Christmas

an FdM club members Christmas 2019 special, limited to 60 copies for sale.

Thanks (or blame) for this completely out-of-character aberration, m'lud, go to:

Bob Stanley, who compiled the CD album, ‘And This Is Me’, from which these tracks are lovingly stolen
Cherry Red Records, who kindly told me it was OK to steal them
Nick Leese at Heyday, who gave me the album last Christmas, knowing I’d love it
The ‘Carry On’, ‘St.Trinians’ & Ealing comedy teams, who taught me pretty much all I know and love about British humour.

The track listing is a veritable A-Z of British comedy heroes (albeit with a lot of the letters missing - be fair, there ARE only four tracks):

side one
Leslie Phillips ‘The Disc’ (1959)
Terry-Thomas ‘Send For Me’ (1961)

Side two
Stanley Unwin ‘Goldilocks’ (1962)
Sid James & Liz Fraser ‘Double Bunk’ (1961)

There's nothing remotely psychedelic, progressive or kosmische about any of the tracks, but they're fun (as long as you don't listen to them too often), they're part of British history and I'll be able to go to my grave (preferably not too soon) bragging that I've had Terry-Thomas, Sid James et al on my label

Just to give you a forewarning of what you could be letting yourself in for...

...or to put it another way...

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