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part of SIDE EFFECTS - a box-set containing four single LPs - on colour vinyl - crustacean 61-64 More Info

Superfjord - CTA-102 (The Byrds)

The Luck Of Eden Hall - Starship Trooper (Yes)

Superfjord and The Luck Of Eden Hall offer up two classic tracks, from the 60s and 70s respectively - a Finnish group covers a US song, while a US band dares to take on the very English Yes.
Superfjord were responsible for half of last year's FdM members club best-loved single - 'Coltrane'; The Luck Of Eden Hall turn up on Fruits de Mer more often than our postman delivers the wrong mail (ie most days), not to mention flying over for our first gig , at the Borderline, and making a return visit for this year's '13th Dream' festival.
Both take the original tracks to new places and use everything at their disposal - including kitchen-sinks - to get there - LOEH bring in a second lead guitarist and strap him to Curvey to achieve lift-off while Superfjord take CTA-102 highe than The Byrds could have imagined possible back in the 60s...I hope you enjoy the trips.

Jussi from Superfjord talks about CTA-102....

As the task at hand was to pick a 60's track, The Byrds came instantly to mind, as they really were the original space rock band before time there even was such a thing as "space rock". CTA-102 has always been a special tune for me in their repertoire, with its combination of pop sensibility, repetetive elements and a brazen out-there approach. A wonderful trip in two and a half minutes.

what were you looking to add/subtract/change to the original recording?
As Keith (Fruits de Mer) gave us a dogma of the cover track having to be at least 17 minutes long, something had to be done in order to not end up with aimless noodling and mere stretched out jams and solos. First I slowed the tempo in a big way, and approached the tune with a sort of kraut-y, repetetive, big-sounding space rock vibe. I'm an intrepid explorer of consciousness change via repetition, so this suited both the original song's message and what I wanted to achieve with the cover version.
The biggest change and addition to the track was a whole new c-part. As a happy accident, I recorded it a semitone lower than I originally intended, and it came out really great. Superfjord's drummer Ilari Kivelä provided some awesome keyboard wizardry for the whole song, and he really made the c-part what it is.

what live/recording plans do you have for the rest of 2015?
We're playing the Tallinn Music Week festival in Estonia in March. After that, it's gonna be shows around Finland for the spring and summer – and possibly the Sardonicus Festival in Wales in August (budget willing). I've started thinking about the next Superfjord album, but that is just bits and pieces in the ether as of now. I will have to start tapping into the magnificent void and get inspired.

STOP PRESS...Jussi from Superfjord has emailed to tell me that pulsar that inspired the song CTA-102 was found 50 years ago this year by Russian astronomer Gennadi Sholomitsky. At first they thought they'd found intelligent life, but it turned out to be a fast-spinning pulsar, a remnant of a supernova...we thought you should know

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