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Sideshows By The Seashore
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CD - Friends of the Fish promo CD5

free with club members' April orders

Recordings submitted by FdM club members and a regular reviewer of the label prompted me to think it was about time I put together a new, free compilation CD for club members, featuring old friends of the FdM family and some new I have.

Inevitably it got a life of its own and a second CD will emerge to accompany our July releases, but this one will include The Chemistry Set, Ex-Norwegian, Blue Zeta Giant Puppies, Nathan Hall, Rob Gould and a name that should have you scuttling off to discogs...Dear Mr. Time.

The album mixes new songs with classic covers, provisional track listing....
Ex-Norwegian - International Feel (originally by Todd Rundgren)
The Chemistry Set - Lovely Cuppa Tea (phased mix)
Todd Dillingham and The Slithy Tove - The Summer
Cat Frequency - Apache (originally by The Shadows)
Brave New World - Alice
Moon Goose - The Mysterious Coffins Of Arthur's Seat
Nathan Hall and the Sinister Locals - Stained Glass Girl
O.H.M.S - Theme To Noah's Castle (the 70s TV series)
Dear Mr. Time - Mr Hours' Towers
Rob Gould - The Funniest Gig (originally by Manfred Mann)
Blue Giant Zeta Puppies - Stepping Stone (originally by The Monkees)
The Triptamynds - Saturday Morning Tripping
Moonweevil - Geometricity
Fast Cars - California Dawning
Aethereal - Todd (4:10)
Steakhouse - Interstate (5:32)'s Ex-Norwegian's version of the great Todd Rundgren track as a taster for the comp...

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