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part of SIDE EFFECTS - a box-set containing four single LPs - on colour vinyl - crustacean 61-64 More Info

The Bevis Frond - China (Electric Sandwich)

Wreaths - Sundown (Gordon Lightfoot)

It's taken me about four years to find an excuse to release The Bevis Frond's 23-minute live recording of krautrockers Electric Sandwich's 'China' (I included a 9-minute edit on the FdM 'Head Music' double LP); the original version appeared on the wonderful Brain label.
This is it - and what a joy to be able to release a side of great music by Nick Saloman and his merry psychedelic warriors, who happen to be hadlining the '13th Dream' festival a couple of weeks before the box-sets are due to arrive.

I was going to say that 'Sundown' was the most unlikely choice of original song for Side Effects, but then Sendelica turned up...
In fact, Wreaths (the US band of that name) had recorded 'Sundown' well before the box-set idea had developed, and it's thanks to Schizo Fun Addict's Jet Wintzer that i was introduced to the recording. Ralph Nicastro and the band have been verey patient while I've found what i think is the ideal home for the track

I think there are two ways to make a sidelong track work well - the epic, studio-enhanced, multi-faceted 'suite' or the 'find-the-perfect-groove-and-we'll-meet-again-in-12inches-time' approach...The Bevis Frond and Wreaths take the latter approach and I wish they would would go on forever

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