on sale now.... strange fish

it's strange, it's fishy, it's....

a new series of instrumental albums from Fruits de Mer.
If you enjoyed 'Roqueting Through Space' and 'Head Music', I think you'll like these - and if you didn't buy those, but love Neu!, Klaus Schulze, 70s Tangerine Dream, the Brain and Ohr labels, extended prog rock tracks, acid-james, side-long ambient pieces, electric/acoustic guitar + electronics tracks - well, I hope you'll give the samples that I've posted on the site a listen.
On lovely, coloured vinyl, and priced cheap enough for you to take a risk on, only £10 per LP (double LPs: £15)...

Putting 'Head' and 'Roqueting' together, getting your comments on them and my abiding love for rmusic on the Brain and Ohr labels, were all the incentives i needed to start work on this project, which - as is often the case with Fruits de Mer - began as a simple idea (this time for a 'krautrock' flavoured LP) then got a life of its own, and dragged me along with it.
The scope gradually widened as tracks came in that didn't necessarily fit my original krautrock/kosmiche intentions but were just too bloody good to ignore, so influences now range from krautrock/kosmische to motorik beats, classic and new progressive rock, drone, sequencer/synthesiser, psychedelia, and more.
Tracks range from 2 minute minimalist pieces to side-long epics - is there really any logic to grouping them together? Probably not, but it's too late now.
The compilation albums are themed, but there's a fair bit of overlap between them and my interpretation of prog rock might be your idea of drone, so i've done my best to give you a taster of lots of the tracks so you can decide which albums - if any - work for you.
Just click on the links below to find out a bit more about each album:

  • strange fish one - a single LP SOLD OUT
  • strange fish two - a double LP SOLD OUT
  • strange fish three - a double LP - on sale now
  • strsnge fish four - a single LP - on sale now
  • strange fish five - a bonus CD exclusively for buyers of the complete vinyl set

  • The 29 artists involved on the initial batch of releases (a suitably odd number) are - in alphabetical order and by country (for no reason other than i have that information to-hand):

    Beau (England)
    Black Tempest (England)
    The Bordellos (England)
    Cat Frequency (England)
    The Cream People (England)
    Dead Pylons (England)
    Earthling Society (England)
    Elevation (USA)
    Frobisher Neck (England)
    The Golden Cake Company (Wales)
    The Grand Astoria (Russia)
    Julie's Haircut (Italy)
    Mademoiselle Marquee (Scotland)
    James McKeown (England)
    Mechanik (Spain)
    Moonweevil (England)
    Oceanfire (England)
    Organic Is Orgasmic (Russia)
    Craig Padilla (USA)
    Palace of Swords (Scotland)
    Purple Rock Trip (USA)
    Sendelica (Wales)
    Jay Tausig (USA)
    Temple Music (England)
    The Amazing Sounds Of D.B. Turi (England)
    Vert:x (England)
    Vespero (Russia)
    The Vox Humana (Wales)
    Zenith:Unto The Stars (England)

    - Fruits de Mer fans will recognize many of the names, although nearly half are recording for the label for the first time.
    Some of the tracks HAVE appeared before - either as downloads or artist-released, very limited CDs - but most are being released for the first time, and i think they all deserve the chance to be heard by a wider ausience.
    I received and listened to more than 60 hours of music submitted for consideration for strange fish, so distilling the tracks down into a vaguely coherent batch of albums has taken some time, but i think it was worth it

    All copyrights reserved 2013
    ...hear the tracks.. ..buy the vinyl.. ..smell the fish...