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the little goldfish

Saturn's Ambush / Johnny Vines
the little goldfish
7" - crustacean 85

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'the little goldfish' - two tracks that I really wanted to include in the 'Goldfish' 3LP set but, by the time I'd managed to speak to the artists, the LPs were at test pressing stage - but never fear, a 3LP set of Ron Jeremy proportions has become an eye-watering 43" John Holmes monster

the two tracks are: Saturn's Ambush 'White Horses'
Johnny Vines 'Waterfall'

'the little godfish' is a bonus single, in a white inner sleeve, with all copies of the 'Goldfish' 3LP set, although the plan is to have some extras available for our 2018 gigs with an outer sleeve with a difference

here are excerpts from the two tracks:

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