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lathe-cut 5"

The Honey Pot/
Icarus Peel's Acid Reign
lathe-cut 5" - tiny one

on sale at Glastonbury


a split single with new songs from two of the bands that will be playing our May 12 Glastonbury gig - there will be just 60 copies for sale on our stall - and it's a first for FdM...a 5" lathe-cut, which means two sub-2.30 tracks
What it lacks in length, it makes up for in presentation as we've come up with something a little different in terms of packaging - all copies will be housed in CD tins - they look rather neat, and have the catalogue number 'tiny one' just to hammer home the point in FdM's usual subtle way.
But what about the music? Icarus Peel explains....

"This song was written specifically for the Fruits de Mer celebration Concert in Glastonbury in May. It is a reflection on what we have seen and enjoyed at other similar events with the label and elsewhere. There is always a great meeting of old friends and acquaintances, all congregating from the corners of the world to enjoy their shared love of this music and those gatherings."

"The Acid Reign have been put together in answer to all those lovely people who have said they would like to hear more guitar than we get in Honey Pot and Crystal Jacqueline recordings. There also seems to be a dearth of trios now, where are the modern Taste, Cream, Experience, Groundhogs etc...? And once we had come up with the name it had to happen. ‘Half Space’ is a basic bongo freak-out with the potential to maybe be lengthened at some point. Half Space is that condition when one is neither here nor there, slightly missing but nicely phased...."

Get to the gig early - we won't have many for sale!

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