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sold out
'Brev Fran Ederstorp'

LP + bonus 7" - Textured gatefold sleeve, clear vinyl
Regal Crabomophone - winkle 16

Sorry, we sold out long ago BUT we have agreed with the band that we will produce a 150 copy CD edition - 50 will go to the band, the other 100 will be offered for sale at our 'Games For May' gig on May 24 (and any left over will be offered for sale at the '13th Dream' festival)

Here's the background to the original vinyl release....

Tor-Peders released one single on their own label a few years ago, played some gigs and disbanded in the most tragic of circumstances. But they left behind an album that deserves to be heard by all fans of classic instrumental rock, as it moves effortlessly from surf to psych and prog, onto spacerock and back again in the space of 40 minutes; when i first heard it, it sounded like the best instrumental parts from my Vertigo/RCA Neon/Charisma record collection from the early seventies, with all the embarrassing bits left out; two years on, and it still does – and it even includes a stunning cover of George Martin’s ‘Theme One’, which just so happens to be the first song released on Fruits de Mer way back when (2008, actually).
I am SO pleased that the album finally gets to see the light of day on Fruits de Mer Records’ Regal Crabomophone label. The release also includes a bonus 7” of recordings made by the band after completing the album. The band broke up before I could release their LP first time round, but what were those “tragic circumstances” and what coincidence led to it finally coming together? I’ll let the band explain...

“The band was conceived in guitarist Jonas' mind around 2007, the vision being an "organ-propelled fuzz-injected instrumental beat" orchestra with barbed-wire surf guitar on top. Jonas gathered friends KG, on organ, Johan E. on drums and bassist Tobias for a first rehearsal and recording in a Stockholm suburb basement in spring 2008. The influences consisted of different kinds of 60's and 70's music, fusing high-energy surf/garage with jam-oriented prog/psych, and an occasional touch of Swedish folk music. After a year's hiatus, the debut gig was performed and a 7" released. The departure of Johan E. and joining of Johan S. led to more playing and songwriting, culminating in the DIY rehearsal-room recording of ‘Brev Från Ederstorp’ in the spring of 2011. More gigs in Sweden and abroad followed, Viktor stepping in on drums as Johan S. left to pursue other musical projects (after completing an additional recording of two new songs).It all, however, came to a grinding halt as Jonas tragically was run over and killed by a car in August of 2011. The band effectively ceased to be, and what was going to be the debut album was put on ice in the mourning of the loss, probably never to see the light of day — were it not for the efforts and persistence of Keith of Fruits de Mer, with whom Jonas had been in contact just weeks before his passing away. Through many twists and turns of fate and luck, involving Johan S.' name being recognized by Keith on another release by Fruits de Mer, the contact was renewed and the ball set rolling again. The remaining recordings of Tor-Peders Kapell are now released on vinyl, a bonus single of the last session included with the album.The music is raw, honest, and follows the original intention of sounding like an unreleased album from decades past— something it almost became itself.”

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