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Sounds From The Underground

Sounds From The Underground
various artists

CD - Friends of the Fish promo CD10

free with club members' early November orders

The next FdM members club exclusive compilation CD is called 'Sounds From The Underground' - it's free to club members who buy the November vinyl releases from us by Fuchsia and The Superstars, and it's another rather spiffing collection of tracks by artists that you might or might not already know - some have appeared on FdM releases in the past, some are new to the label and they come from all manner of places, including Eastern Europe, South America and Birmingham...

Here's the track line-up:

1. Yaatra - 'Desolacion'
2. Culto al Qandor - 'Templos'
3. The Sugarman Band - 'Magic Mirror'
4. Jay Tausig - 'Opus Omnia part one'
5. Arcade Messiah - 'Diagnosis' - instrumental mix
6. Vision Eternel - 'Moments Of Absence'
7. Bruce Hendrickson and The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies - 'Roll End Credits (A Chess Game By The Sea)'
8. Brain Food - 'Cosmic Jones'
9. Stray Owls - 'Bipolaroid'

....and the cover photo is courtesy of FdM club member Andrew Young!

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