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Vilse i Pannkakan

En seglats för framtiden
Vilse i Pannkakan

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Anyone for some rather fine, never-before-released Scandanavian progressive rock, by a band that by sheer coincidence once played a gig with Tor Peders (remember their LP on FdM?)
Fruits de Mer is pleased to be able to share the first physical release of this album, on CD, with FdM club members who buy both the Sendelica 'Compleat Chronicles' 6CD set and Cellar Bar double CD (you can hear a track on the youtube link to the left of this blurb)

Over the the band to tell what has been hidden away in a Swedish vault for the last decade....

In the control room and ready for take off: the Gothenburg astronauts Kalle Lilja (guitar) Lukas Väremo (vocals, Keys), Kalle Westgårdh (vocals, Bass) and Matias Ollas (drums) now release the full-length album “En seglats för framtiden” (Journey for the future) 12 year after the first recording session...

This collection of songs continues the classic progressive music tradition of the 70s, music that no one really will forget but that everyone was unsure of hearing again. The name ”Vilse i Pannkakan“ (translated into English “Lost in the pancake”), originates from the 70´s Swedish TV show of the same name that in swindle drew an entire generation through imagination and a mind twisting world. And the term “Vilse i Pannkakan” is still today synonymous to describe human smallness in a world that can be perceived as both flat and crazy. A timeless feeling that drives our need to gather around our powerlessness in a world that is difficult to comprehend. Our comfort is the fact that we are many, and getting lost in the pancake's music can bring us together. Nothing is impossible in a world where imagination can break boundaries. This record is a product of openness to the unknown, like a single ticket to outer space, and we hope the trip will be a pleasure!

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