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Todd Dillingham

Carousel Rider...

Blissfully Waiting...

Crimson Spires...

Whales From Toddographic Oceans
Todd Dillingham

CD - Friends of the Fish promo 26

exclusive to the Fruits de Mer free goodie-bag at the 18th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus festival

The late, great Todd Dillingham was a hugely prolific rock'n'roll maverick - as well as being a great supporter of Fruits de Mer through his radio show AND an inventor of fishy puns for record titles long before FdM.

Sadly, Todd died in 2018 but his brother Mick very kindly put this compilation CD together for FdM as a way of us remembering Sgt. Kipper.

Mick describes it as..."A FINE COLLECTION OF RARE TRACKS, DIFFERENT VERSIONS, UNIQUE MIXES, UNRELEASED SONGS... that sort of thing, a gift from Todd with love"

...there's nothing more to be said except that it'll be part of the free Fruits de Mer Records goodie-bag for everyone attending the festival (as long as you've bought a ticket!)

The full track listing is...

1. Riverboat
2. Tracy Serene
3. Everything Hurts
4. Blissfully Waiting
5. Carousel Rider
6. Show Me Your Paintings
7. Arthur Woodcote (Is His Name)
8. The Little Box
9. Laughing Into A Teapot
10. It's Hell
11. The Chosen Few
12. Triangular Squares
13. Crimson Spires
14. My Terra Firma Baby Doll
15. Oh What A Bore
16. Pointing Inside
17. The Time Is Here

Mick also designed the cover.

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