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Kopf Musik
various artists
three CD set - crustacean 79

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"often audacious cover versions of Can, NEU!, Tangerine Dream, Popul Vuh, Faust and Brainticket classics...suitably insane and massive"
Kris Needs, Electronic Sound magazine

a rather special FdM compilation - produced specially for the Lucid Dream festival - and then officially released in September
We've scoured the Fruits de Mer archives to put together around three hours of krautrock, kosmische and electronic covers - it's a bit of a monster.

Kopf Musik festures everything from 'Head Music', most of 'Shrunken Head Music', plus tracks from 'Roqueting Through Space' and more (including the 22 minute version of 'China' by The Bevis Frond, from the Sideways' LP)

Artists featured include Vibravoid, Cranium Pie, Dead Sea Apes, Vespero, Astralasia and Electric Orange... few tracks have been remixed or remastered, but most of all it's a chance to get all those lovely krautrock/kosmische covers on CD for the first time


Disc One
1. Introduction (Joachim Ehrig) Eroc
2. Waterfall (Jane - Nadonly, Hess, Krantz, Panka) Johnny Vines
3. Lila Engel (Neu! - Anteile, Dinger, Rother) Palace of Swords
4. Rückstoß Gondoliere (Kraftwerk - Schneider, Esleben) Dead Sea Apes
5. Dino (Harmonia - Rother, Roedelius, Moebius) Vert:x
6. Nearby Shiras (Kalacakra - Rauschenbach, Martin) Vibravoid
7. Mantra II (Popol Vuh - Fricke) Zenith:Unto The Stars
8. Paramechanical World (Amon Duul I - Rogner, Weinzierl) Earthling Society
9. Negativland (Neu! - Dinger, Rother) Temple Music
10. Bayreuth Return (Schulze - Schulze) Black Tempest
11. Mushroom (Can - Schmidt, Schuering, Liebezeit, Karoli, Suzuki) Language of Light
11. Trans Europe Express (new mix) (Kraftwerk - Schult, Hütter) Anla Courtis
12. Schizo (Ash Ra Tempel - Göttsching, Schulze) Frobisher Neck
13. I Want More (Can - Gilmour, Schmidt, Czukay, Liebezeit, Karoli) Saturn’s Ambush
- all tracks taken from the FdM double LP ‘Head Music’

Disc Two
1. Surrounded By The Stars (new mix) (Amon Duul II - Karrer, Rogner) Jay Tausig
2. Madrigal Meridian (Tangerine Dream - Froese, Jolliffe, Franke) Electric Moon
3. Silver Cloud (La Dusseldorf - Dinger) Frobisher Neck Heads South By Weaving
4. Lied An Zons (Arno Clauss - Clauss) Electric Orange
5. Rubycon Part 1 (Tangerine Dream - Froese/Franke/Baumann) Black Tempest
6. J`Ai Mal aux Dents (Faust - Irmler) Vespero
7. To Another Universe (Brainticket - Vandroogenbroek/Muriel/Palm) Frobisher Neck
8. Mother Sky (new mix) (Can - The Can) Vibravoid
9. Black Sand (new mix) (Brainticket - Vandroogenbroeck, Bryer) - Cranium Pie's Research Baking Station
10. Hallogallo (Neu! - Dinger, Rother) Helicon
11. Isi (Neu! - Dinger, Rother) Frobisher Neck
12. Jennifer (Faust - Faust) Vespero
- tracks 1-4 taken from ‘Head Music’, tracks 5-7 taken from ‘shrunken Head Music’,
track 8 taken from ‘Krautrock Sensation’, tracks 9-11 taken from ‘Roqueting Through Space’,
track 12 taken from ‘FdM Annual 2013’

Disc Three
1. Brainticket (Brainticket - Muir, Kolbe, Vandroogenbroeck, Bryer) Astralasia
2. Starship Memory (Ax Genrich) Ax Genrich and Sunhair
3. China (Electric Sandwich - Ohlert, Lormann, Fabian) The Bevis Frond
-track 1 taken from ‘Postcards From The Deep’, track 2 taken from ‘The 14th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus’ festival promo CD 10, track 3 taken from the ‘Sideways’ LP

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