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The Sixteenth Dream
of Dr. Sardonicus
three-day get-together
fruits de mer records' 2018 festival

Fruits de Mer Records
16th Dream
of Dr. Sardonicus
August 3-5, 2018

Yes, we'll be back in Cardigan for our annual summer festival!

Our 2018 festival is going to be the most international one yet, with Sendelica joined by Vibravoid from Germany and Fuchsia from Australia (both bands coming back due to popular demand!), Stay from Spain, The Fertility Cult from Finland, the Alain Pire Experience from Belgium, along with Schnauser, Elfin Bow, Nathan Hall, 7shades, The Gold Needles and many more - in fact, we're going to have to open the doors earlier on the Saturday and Sunday to fit all the live music in!

and of course, there'll be FdM giveaways, exclusive stuff on our stall, Mantle best bitter and a bunch of things we haven't thought of yet...

...mind you, what we HAVE thought of is something to make the traditional FdM goodie-bag a bit different and a bit, er, extra-special in our 10th anniversary year - at this stage all I'll say is it involves Sendelica and rather a lot of free and exclusive vinyl - and I reckon it'll be well on the way to justifying the cost of the weekend ticket on its own (although I might be a bit biased)

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