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Double LP PLUS... winkle 27-7

Release Date: very late April/early May 2017

a very special edition of Astralasia's new double LP

As if 80 minutes+ of 'Oceania' wasn't enough, we're also going to put together 200 'special editions' (I'll have 100 for sale, the band will also have 100) that should be ready a few weeks after the double album's release-date; what's going to make it so special...?

- an exclusive CD of Astralasia's last live album (until now, only available on vinyl)
- a 7" white label of two tracks we couldn't quite squeeze onto 'Oceania' - in some rather 'interesting' packaging
- an A2 double-sided poster
- a special colour vinyl edition of the double album itself

As I'll only have those 100 sets, and some of those will go to Nick Leese at Heyday Mail Order for club members outside the UK, the 'fair way' of sharing them out that I'll be going with is that the first UK FdM club members to order our April releases including the 'standard edition' of Oceania will get first option on the special edition - please don't try to jump the queue - if you don't think you'll qualify, try asking the band if they have any of their share available - they'll be selling at least some of their copies through their local record shop - Discovery Music in Barnstaple

By the way, if you'd like to buy an 'Oceania' t-shirt, please email me - they're £10 inc P&P in the UK, £12 inc P&P outside the UK - and we don't have many!

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