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Three Of A Kind
Kris Gietkowski
three CD set - strange fish eight special edition

Release Date: May 2017

Without a doubt, this month's most bonkers project has to be Polish multi-instrumentalist Kris Gietkowski remaking the debut albums by prog pioneers Egg, The Crazy world of Arthur Brown and Atomic Rooster as devoted instrumentals......this is the sort of thing that keeps making sound alive and fun
Kris Needs, Electronic Sound magazine

Kris' album of Egg covers has been expanded to three CDs in time for our three-day festival in Germany

Kris had also recorded instrumental versions of most of the first albums by Atomic Rooster and The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown a couple of years back; sparked by FdM's interest, he's returned to the project to add some final tracks and we reckon they should be together on one package - so they are.

'Three Of A Kind' is a three CD set -on sale initially at Wurzburg, we'll then have copies available at our gigs in Cardigan and at the Half Moon in August, and the Dionysus one-dayer in Derby - after that, I'll split with whatever I have left with Nick Leese at Heyday and we'll offer them for sale by mail order.

The next-best way of getting hold of a copy - after coming along to one of our gigs, of course - is to get on the FdM mailing-list - email if you're not already on it

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