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Verticle Tide

Verticle Tide
LP + bonus CD - strange fish eleven

Release Date: FdM's 2018 gigs

Cranium Pie's main man Rob Appleton, aka Moonweevil, has been working away on a whole bunch of solo intrumentals and in the space of three hours we went from, "might you be interested in having a listen?" to agreeing the release, quickly followed by the cover design and..admittedly a few days later...a bonus CD including all of this album (Verticle Tide) plus another bunch of recordings.

In FdM terms, it's pretty 'out there', hence the strangefish catalogue number, but if you've heard the Cranium Pie Mechanism tapes, I think you'll love it.

It's going to be ridiculously-limited, of course; I'll have 100 copies at our 10th birthday party in Glastonbury on May 12th, with everything I've got left going with me to the 16th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus festival in Cardigan. Rob Appleton will have about 40 copies - and that's it!
But Rob will also be selling the CD and downloads, so all is not lost.

By the way, the CD includes the complete Verticle Tide LP and another LPs-worth of recordings!
more news soon

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