nick nicely

nick nicely 'All Along The Watchtower'/
'The Doors Of Perception'
colour vinyl/45rpm - winkle 35

on sale end-December

nick nicely

we'll start taking pre-orders in mid-November

nick nicely is back on vinyl, and back on FdM, with a double A-side - two epic tracks recorded especially for us, one a reworking of Dylan/Hendrix's 'All Along The Watchtower', the other a new song called 'The Doors Of Perception'.
Nick's electronic wall-of-sound is in full force on both tracks - together, they probably define what modern psychedelia is meant to be - except nobody else can do it quite like Nick, so I'll leave to the man himself to do a bit of explaining....

I don't do covers generally, but for one of Pete Bingham/Keith's festivals I thought something familiar might prevent people drifting off and be an opportunity to swap guitar licks with ol' mucka Paul Simmons, on a twin lead section. Never made the festival and anyway the Frond were there on a different day, so all dreams turned to ashes...til Keith suggested releasing the 'irreverent' Watchtower backing tapes plus studio vocals/guitar/Fx.

Doors Of Perception is similarly constructed with tapes from my current live show plus studio vocals/guitar, so the pair connect well.

We all have boundaries but when it comes to making Fruits de Mer Records I feel duty bound to go to the edges of mine...two trax born out of live, flying their freak flags along my sonic borders.'

all the best, Nick .

more news soon

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