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7" Single
always here - stay bonus DVD - stay `

Stay 'Always Here' 7" EP
vinyl - winkle 29

Release Date: late September

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Stay are our favourite Spanish psych band - aren't they everybody's? - but they've been away from Fruits de Mer for far too long; but now they're back, and in style with a storming five-track EP that squeezes every second out of the 33rpm EP format

Two Stay Songs, including the title track 'Always Here', plus three great covers:
- 'Rock and Roll Woman' (originally by Buffalo Springfield)
'Where Have All The Good Times Gone' (originally by The Kinks)
'Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You' (originally by The Bee Gees)

...and there's even a bonus DVD 'The Making Of The Mean Solar Times' (Stay's latest album) included for good measure

more news soon, but here's a bit of a teaser from the band to keep you going for the time being...

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