7" EP +CD
the Past Tensethe Past Tense again

The Past Tense
'Time Stands Still'/
'Across The Pond...And Back Again'

vinyl 7" EP + CD
crustacean 91/91CD

on sale early November

The Past Tense - the South East's finest purveyors of authentic mod/psych. They've played at our Half Moon gig, appeared on various FdM compilations, but this is their first full-blown release on Fruits de Mer.

And true to form, they've gone over-the-top with a 7" EP of 60s covers, together with an almost free CD album of even more 60s covers.

Or to put it another way, they've gone over-the-top with a CD of 60s covers, together with an almost free 7" EP of even more 60s covers...and it, or they, will be officially launched at our Thunderbolt gig on November 2.

Whichever way you look at it – we’re a vinyl label, so the 7” EP comes first for us - we’ll be selling the combined package for £8; a great selection of tracks from the band, a combination of the classic and long-lost - it shows that they really know their 60s stuff.

the four tracks from the 7” are:

House Of Glass (originally by THE GLASS FAMILY)
Grounded (originally by THE SYN)

...and on the CD album...

99th Floor (originally by THE MOVING SIDEWALKS)
Brainwashed (originally by DAVID CLAYTON-THOMAS)
More Than Me (originally by WILD FLOWERS)
7 and 7 Is (originally by LOVE)
Black Sheep (originally by SRC)
It’s Just A Fear (originally by THE ANSWERS)
Behind The Moon (originally by NO ENTRY)
Magic In The Air (originally by THE ATTACK)
Day And Night (originally by THE DRAG SET)
She’s Got The Time (originally by THE AFEX)

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