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Fruits De Mer Records - PROG magazine sampler, June/July 2023

Fruits de Mer Records began life 15 years ago as a singles label, recreating classic and long-lost psychedelic and progressive rock tracks from the 60s and 70s; over the years, we've drifted off-course, stretching the brief to new tracks that owe a debt to those halycon days, adding in krautrock, acid-folk and kosmische sounds along with LPs, box-sets, CDs and wax cylinders (ok, maybe not wax cylinders).
Artists that have joined the Fruits de Mer family over the years include Sendelica, Moon Goose, The Bevis Frond, Astralasia and The Chemistry Set, with guest appearances by some of the names that triggered the label's creation in the first place - The Pretty Things, Fuchsia and nick nicely, to name but a few - even The Orb made a guest appearance!

We take our music seriously, but we've always maintained a 'rough around the edges' approach to running a label - this set of mp3s is no exception, it was a miracle we managed to put them together at all, our apologies for the mix of bitrates and random metadata - we're really a vinyl/CD label, but it was too good an offer from PROG magazine's editorial team to miss and hopefully you'll get a feel for the kind of music we offer (we like to think the occasional deliberate mistake only serves to make us all the more lovable).

for PROG magazine, we put together a selection of tracks from our releases over the last year or so, along with a couple that were yet to see the light of day at the time - this is the list of tracks, sorry but the mp3s are no longer available
  • 1 - Sendelica - 'Future Man - Homo Superior' (from 'One Man's Man...' double LP)
  • 2 Superfjord - 'Moment 1' (from 'For The Moment vol 1' LP)
  • 3 nick nicely - 'Rosemary's Eyes (outtake)' (from 'Afterworld' LP)
  • 4 Rob Gould - 'The Musical Box' (from 'Nursery Cryme' LP+CD)
  • 5 The Chemistry Set - 'Psychotronic Man' (from 'Pink Felt Trip' LP)
  • 6 Us and Them - 'Annabel Lee' (from 'an introduction To Us and Them' CD)
  • 7 Marco Rossi - 'In The Past' (from 'The Sincerest Form Of Flattery' CD)
  • 8 Moon Goose - 'Great Halls Of Broken Tools' (from 'La Nuit' LP)
  • 9 Bevis Frond - 'Condition Blue' (from 'Fronds Of The Fish III' 7" lathe-cut)
  • 10 Hanford Flyover - 'Shadows On The Sun' (from 'Shadows On The Sun' 7" lathe-cut)
  • 11 Schizo Fun Addict - 'Fate Chaser' (from 'Love Your Enemies' LP)
  • 12 Soft Hearted Scientists - 'Sea Anemone' (from 'Tall Tales' CD)
  • 13 Quarkspace - 'Space Folds Upon Itself' (from 'Short Stories' CD)
  • 14 St. Kraut - 'Himalayas' (from 'Roerich Trilogy' 3CD set)
  • 15 The Flower Machine - 'See My Friends' (from 'Rekinked' 8" lathe-cut)
  • 16 Kevin Robertson - 'Why' (from 'Why' / 'D.C.B.A.-25' 7")
  • 17 Stay - 'I Can Hear The Grass Grow' (from 'I Can Hear The Grass Grow' / 'Get Going' 7")

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